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Stefanie & Davis are experienced Photographers who are passionate about capturing unique moments with their signature style.

Stefanie's passion for photography began as a teenager. She would stage photoshoots with her sister and used the infamous one time use disposable cameras. As an adult Stefanie purchased her very first DSLR camera when she was 25 and soon became obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph: lighting, balance, composition and use of space. Unfortunately that camera suffered a fall and stopped working. Stefanie, distraught over the loss of such an expensive machine decided to give photography a break.

In 2017, Stefanie was gifted a DSLR camera for her birthday by her boyfriend Davis. She immediately began her photography ventures again and her boyfriend Davis followed. Unfortunately her ventures were short lived when the camera burned in a vehicle accident.

However, Stefanie decided that she wouldn't let life's misfortunes set her back again and she was re-gifted a third camera a year later. Now here you are getting a piece of her and Davis's current photography ventures. Stefanie & Davis possesses a strong passion for photography and it shows in their persistence and work.

SD SlowMotion Pictures was established in 2012. 

SD SlowMotion Pictures captures poignant and profound moments with a creative twist. They offer exceptional personal service for each and every one of their clients, so get in touch today and book your session.



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